New Easy IMLock Subscription

New IMLock Subscription Model

In response to split testing our subscription model, our users are telling us that they respond to a more simplified approach.  In response to this, we are offering only 5 user subscriptions starting at $1 and then to $9.97 monthly, which can be cancelled at any time.

This servers several purposes.  First, it allows the customer to have 5 users right away.  This eliminates any need for future upgrades, or need for changing licenses, etc.  Second, it allows the user to add all of their devices right away.  This makes the user experience much more seamless.   They can add imlock to their Windows devices as well as all of their android devices.  Lastly, it allows for a more unified purchase experience.  The customer does not have to make any choices, there is one single offer which will cover all of their needs with a single button push.  For now, we are using Clickbank to handle our ecommerce, as they can provide an excellent point of contact for any customer transaction questions.