How To Block Websites on Wifi

How To Block a Website on Wifi

How To Block Websites on Wifi
How To Block Websites on Wifi

In April, we are introducing Net-Blocker, which will enable users to block websites on Wifi.

As a Net-Blocker user, you will be able to utilize a free OpenDNS account, and link it to the Wifi Router.

Then, all devices like Androids, iPhones, Computers, Macs, etc. will be filtered to block websites, block porn,

limit social media, block streaming media.  You can schedule the blocking, and you can login and monitor reports online, from within the wifi system.

How To Block a Website

To block a website, simply enter the website url (without the http://) into the list.  The website will be immediately blocked on all devices.

Also, when you incorporate OpenDNS and link it to your browser, then you will have the additional catagorized blocking.



How To Block Apps on Wifi


How To block Websites – 

To Block Streaming Media, simply go the the Internet Apps Filter settings, and adjust to allow or not allow streaming media.

Scheduling website blocking

You can see the scheduler is simple to use, check the boxes where the access is available.  Other times all your other rules will be

in effect.  Streaming media blocking, app blocking, block websites, etc.