Access Blocked

IM Lock Enterprise is an n-tiered internet filter for network end points. What this means is you can install IM Lock Enterprise in multiple desktops in your enterprise, and designate any one of them as an administrative workstation, and change blocking settings for all work stations on the network with IM Lock Enterprise installed. This is accomplished by having a centrally located xml file containing the settings, and pointing all of the clients to these settings. When you export a new settings file to this locations, the clients are polling that file, and detect the changes, and import the new settings to the client workstation. Enterprise Networking allows you to share settings with an unlimited number of client installs of IM Lock. Operating Systems: Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista Advantages: – Control and configure web use at one or all of your locations, anywhere on earth, at any time, via IM Lock Enterprise. – Leverage the Internet. No internal network required to control blocking of unlimited numbers of computers anywhere in the world, at any time, from a single workstation. – Block multiple locations that are not connected by LAN or WAN. – Simultaneously block multiple banks of unconnected computers. – Control internet blocking from a single workstation anywhere on earth where you have a pc and a working internet connection. Advantages over other solutions: – No external hardware to install on your networks. – No firewall configuration. – Fast, Easy Setup – Only Basic Computer Skills Required


What is IMLock.Net (IM Lock Cloud Internet Filter)


IM Lock Cloud Filter for Windows PC is a way to control Internet Filtering and View Internet Use Reports from anywhere there is an internet connection, including Mobile Devices. This means you can view all of your employees web use, identify who is a problem web surfer, and block them …. all from your iPhone (or iPad, or Android Phone, or Android Tablet). Think about if for a second. This is incredibly powerful. We don’t know of any other software that can do this. And here is more. This is for Enterprises, for an unlimited number of computers. IMLock.Net will work find for households with 3-5 computers. But Bloqer was designed and built with the experience of years of consulting in Fortune 100 environments, where up to thousands of computers need to be controlled. Where works well in a corporate environment is where there are remote PC’s, remote offices, Laptop fleets, and other scattered environments in different WAN/LAN systems. leverages the public internet, so we are not dependent on being in the WAN, like many other enterprise products. And we work locally, so we do not redirect your requests to our central server. You can login and try for Free, up to 5 Computers on a 30 day trial. Register and get your free trial at: