Block Internet

Block anything on the desktop with IM Lock Software.

IM Lock is a blocking software that will ensure anything can be blocked by the PC administrator.  With this extremely useful desktop utility, you can block a website, block multiple websites, block ip, block access to programs and functions, and much more.
The two primary categories of blocking are Internet and Programs.

Website blocking is a primary function of IM Lock.  An example is to block msn in it’s many forms.  An administrator can install the software and block msn messenger, block the msn website, block any other site associated with msn or it’s derivitives.  How to block websites is very simple.  If you access block websites in the categories section, you select the sites to block.  For example, block youtube, or block facebook, or block mypspace, or block orkut.  You simply check the boxes and the sofware will automatically by blocking websites you have selected.

Program blocking is also simple.  If you open the block messenger programs, or block p2p sections in the categories, you can simply select the program to block, for example block limewire, or block msn messenger.  If they are selected the program will be blocked when the user tries to access it. We find this is much more useful than port block because most of these programs will jump ports if you block their primary port.

  • Block MSN
    How to block msn.  There are a lot of approaches to blocking msn.  There are also a lot of variants of msn to consider before you have completely blocked msn.  Our block msn software will block all variants of MSN.   When you block msn, you need to consider the existing msn desktop applictations, msn websites, as well as any msn driven web clone software that is available.  You need to block these services also.  For example, you may need to block Meebo and block other similar web services that deploy the msn servers and deploy msn api’s in order to run their own web services.  So you can see that in order to effectively block msn, in all it’s variants and clones can be more complex than meets the eye.  That is in the case of the most sophisticated users, who will want to access msn at any cost, and are willing to work around blocks and deployed msn block software.  In some cases, with less sophisticated users, it is as simple as blocking msn programs.  In this website are instructions on how to block msn and all it’s variants.
  • Block Websites
    How to block websites.  If you want to block sites with objectionable material, or block a site in order to improve productivity, IM Lock is a good solution.  When you deploy IM Lock is virtually impossible for the user to unblock sites, or to use a proxy website to work around the internet block.  Unlike an ip block, IM Lock uses keyword blocking to prevent access to blocked sites.  These articles will explain how to block internet and how to create block policies, how to block a single website, and how to block all but one website, and much more.
  • Block Messenger
    How to block messenger.   There are a lot of messengers out there, and blocking messenger can be a challenge.  But with IM Lock software you can achieve the goal of blocked messenger in just a few seconds.  IM Lock is preconfigured to block msn messenger, live messenger, windows messenger, yahoo messenger, and stop messenger from any other popular service.
  • Block Porn
    How To Block Porn.  If you have children using the internet, it is essential to block pornography immediately.  Porn is easy to access on the internet, and children should not be viewing this material.   Also, if you have unsupervised employees using the internet in remote locations or even on site, you should seriously consider porn blocking for their safety, and the protection of your company property.