How To Block All But One Website

Here is a tutorial on how to use IM Lock Internet Filter to block all but one website.

How do I block all but one website?

Question: I want to block my users from accessing all websites but one, how do I do that?

A lot of IMLock users want to restrict their employees to a single website.  For instance, an employee’s work may only require that they be on a single site.  Or a parent may want a child to only access a single site for research or homework.  Some other examples are UPS or Federal Express kiosks, or a hotel lobby computer where only the hotel’s site is needed for that computer.  There are many more examples where people want to access only a single website.

This article addresses the easy steps to allow only one website using IMLOCK.

To block all but one website, no websites need to be checked on the “Block Settings” tab.  The “Block Settings” tab is the pre-configured and categorized websites view that come preloaded with IM Lock.

1. Set your browser Home Page to the website you wish to allow
2. On IMLock go to “Options” tab
3. Go to “Do Not Block” tab
4. Select Pattern Match
5. Type in the root domain only, for example “”, or “
Note: Do not try to type the fully qualified url, for example “”.
6. Check the box for “Block All Other Sites”
7. For Firefox and other browsers:
a) Go to the site you wish to allow
b) Note the title at that top of that browser
c) Add that title, or a portion of it to “Do Not Block”

Now, if you go to a site that is not your allowed site, it should redirect you to the home page.

That’s it!