Announcement: Major Upgrade To The Android Browser


Comvigo is proud to announce that we published a major upgrade to Comvigo Android Filter for Android browser. We are continuously working with our technology to bring it to you.

Check out the changes:

1) Android 5 (lollipop) support

2) Time limit per app – Users can set to allow an app say for only 1 hour a day, this is in addition to time slots of each app.

3) GCM, New sync mechanism- Changes made on admin console are applied immediately to mobile, no need to wait for 3 min.

4) Even better battery management.

5) Email notification to account admin – On installing some apps which Comvigo cannot block(widgets/remote view apps), like floating browsers.

6) Email Notification to account admin – About devices on which Comvigo is not active.

Note: Email will be sent to account admin about the devices on which our app is inactive/uninstalled/no internet for the whole day, its just a caution not 100% accurate as we cannot check our app’s state unless it is connected to internet.

7) Internal bug fixes

8) Editable URL bar and

9) Show Uninstall below activate option for trial users

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