Damaging Effects of Internet Pornography on Kids and Teens

Internet Pornography

The readily available pornographic content online has become a headache for busy parents. Many experts and psychiatrist claim that effects of pornographic content varies for every child making it more difficult for parents to identify signs if their child is affected. As small children mimic whatever they see, pornographic content can make them repeat the same activities with same age children, neighbors and other family members. Watching adult content has long term and mostly negative psychological effects on minors. Today, more than ever, parents should start using filtering software for devices that are connected to internet.

The statistics related to pornographic content available on internet is more than alarming. An ugly truth is there are more chances for your child to get across pornographic content on internet than educational content. In fact, almost 30% of data transferred online is porn and more than four hundred thousand pornographic websites receive more visits than Amazon, Twitter and Netflix combined.

What Studies and Research Conclude

According to a study conducted in Britain, easy access to pornographic content had severely affected thousands of children who turned into sexual offenders. Out of the 4,562 minors who committed sexual offences between 2009 and 2012, some were as young as 5 years old. The study also claimed that the actual figure is much higher as many sexual offences committed by minors are often not reported to authorities.

According to an incident reported by a child therapist John Woods, one of his 13 year old patient raped his 5 year old sister. In another similar incident in Calgary, Alberta, a 13 year old boy was sentenced as he raped another 4 year old boy living together in foster home. The investigation revealed that the teen was watching homosexual content on internet for some time.

In another study conducted in Australia by La Torbe University in 2010, the researchers concluded that boys who are addicted to pornography are more likely to harass and demean opposite gender. Psychologists and health experts also claim that early access to pornography when children are not emotionally and psychologically developed to handle sexual stimulation can adversely affect their normal behavior. Experts also claimed that porn addiction is a growing and alarming trend among children who are still developing their identities. Addiction to porn at this age can have long term effects reflecting into adult life.

Parent’s Responsibility

If children and minors are accessing pornographic content through unprotected internet connection and smart devices, the accountability is on the parents. It is highly advised to use locking and filtering software for computers, smart phones, tablets and laptops. A responsible parent should use content filters to block pornographic sources. One of the most effective ways to keep your children at distance from pornographic websites is to use third party parent-control softwares like IMLOCK from comvigo.com. Visit the website to learn more about using internet filtering softwares to effectively block pornographic content.