Why Take an Active Role in Parenting Online

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The easy access to technology not only have good effects on our growing children. The complete package also comes with few side effects. As parents, neglecting to monitor children activities on internet and smart devices often leads to severe consequences. With easy access to pornographic content, unmonitored chatting platforms, social media platforms and extremist religious content, our children are now more exposed to bad online influences.

Why You Need to Parent Online

When it comes to statistics related to internet, technology and its effects on teens and children, some of the figures are much more than alarming. These statistics provide reason why you need to be an active parent and monitor your kids’ online activities.

• Almost 69% of teens get messages from unknown people online and they don’t tell adults about it, making them an easy target for online predators.
• Almost 19% of teens reported cases of online bullying and harassment. Teen experts claim that there is a much higher percentage of such cases as many teens and children often don’t report online bullying and harassment.
• According to the National Crime Prevention Council, 43% of teens become victim of cyber bullying in 2014.
• The same report also mentioned that 80% of teens said that their parents have not enforced any parental rules for online activities.

Other than cyber bullying and children becoming victims of online predators on chat forums or social media, many recent psychological studies and research reports claimed that increased access to pornographic content can have an adverse and long term effect on children’s adult life.

Effective Ways of Online Monitoring

Parents today are fortunate enough that they have access to modern monitoring tools and softwares like IMLOCK for windows by Comvigo.com. Make use of these third party monitoring softwares to check what your kids are accessing online and to block pornographic and extremist religious/racism sources. Make sure to let your kids know that you are using monitoring tools and it is for their own well-being. This also allows you to educate your growing children about the adverse effects of misuse of technology.

According to the report published at National Crime Prevention Council website about cyber bullying, only 11% of children reports incidents of cyber bullying to their parents. The very reason why parents must take a proactive approach to save their kids from online harassment. The report also claimed that 30% of kids plan to take revenge on their own that could end up in serious consequence for the family. The only positive thing coming from the report is that about 70% of teens claimed that blocking cyber bullies is a very effective method of prevention. This has raised the importance of installing third party blocking tools a mile higher.

If third party software is not something you want, you can track your kid’s online activities by having access to all devices used by your children with shared passwords of their social media and email profiles. Compared to third party software, this approach may not be viable for many parents as it consumes a lot of time to constantly monitor their accounts and devices. Third party software can help parents monitor their kid’s online activity without spending too much time doing it. Check out IMLOCK for windows and its android version to learn more about how to effectively monitor your teens online.