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Below are a few of our products:


IM Lock Android Admin


Fully Mobile IM Lock Administration App for Android. Administer settings and monitor real time reports for all of your Enterprise’s devices from any Android Mobile Device, phone or tablet.

IM Lock Android Client


Internet Filtering and Comprehensive Device Monitoring for Android. Get streaming real time reports of all types of app use and call use, as well as advanced blocking features for app, calls, and web use.



IM Lock Chrome Book


Chromebook filtering and advanced monitoring using native Chrome browser. Get real time chromebook use reports, sites visited, apps used. Reports streamed to your Windows, Android, or Chromebook device monitor in real time. Monitor your entire fleet of Chromebooks, Android Devices, Windows Devices from a single screen, in real time.

IM Lock Windows Mobile


Comprehensive Windows Mobile Fleet Management. Monitor and manage internet filtering, device use, calls, and app use from a single point, and in real time. Manage all of your Windows Mobile Devices, as well as Android, Windows PC, Chromebook devices. Manage your Windows Mobile phones and tablets from Android or PC’s also. Real time filtering management and real time monitoring of all types of device use.



IM Lock Windows


Manage your entire fleet of Windows PC’s, Windows Mobile Devices, Chromebooks, and Android Devices from any Windows PC. Use our Web management interface or our interfaces for Chrome, Windows Mobile, or Android to manage your fleet in real time.

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